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A prolific serial killer, nicknamed the Rose Collector, who terrorized all of Orange County with his signature killings, has now pleaded guilty. The brutal murders have stopped. The terror is over.

But not for Alec Stone, who is unwittingly thrown into the mystery surrounding the death of his step-sister, Eileen Robertson, an alleged victim of the Rose Collector. And as he uncovers one mystifying clue after another, he becomes convinced that the facts are not what they seem to be. With no help from the criminal authorities, and armed with just his relentless pursuit for the truth, he launches his own investigation only to discover that a dangerous mastermind is still at play, still lurking around to plot the ultimate finale. As Alec marches ahead, he is whirled into a series of chilling events. Gruesome murders, night-stalkers, FBI undercover operations, corporate fraud...

Events that eventually threaten his own life.

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